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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When things aren't as they seem...

We went to the Trunk or Treat at church tonight. I finally had a chance to talk to the pastor for a bit. He brought his wife over to meet me and I thought it odd that she didn't know me. Later, as D and I talked I said that perhaps it wasn't her and I was losing my mind... We saw the pastor again and I am still reeling from our conversation. Sometimes things just aren't as they seem. His wife is not who I am thinking, although, D looked at my senior memory book tonight and agreed that the person I thought she was looks A LOT like her. The rest of the story is unsettling and I am still trying to wrap my mind around it.

I do think this is the church for us and I am glad we went. The Pastor told me that as soon as we were ready to discuss membership to let him know. I am thinking we may be ready soon. I will continue to pray on it.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Older D's team won their soccer ganme tonight. The team is about half boys/half girls ages 12-14. D is 13 and has only played once before and he isn't agressive at all. I was shocked when he wanted to play. His teammates are wonderful to him. They compliment him when he does well and reminds him during the game where he needs to be and what he needs to do. I usually don't tell people about his Asperger's unless they approach me or unless a situation comes up where it is needed BUT when he started this season, I decided to tell his coach. I am soooo glad I did. His coach is awesome and his daughter (who is the goalie) always has praise and encouraging words for D during the game. Most times I could just kiss her! This team has really built his confidence and for once he is with a group of kids his own age that don't treat him as an outsider. They know he is homeschooled and the only comments that got was "Cool" and "No wonder I don't see you at school"...

If you ask D he will tell you that I am the crazy Mom on the sidelines who knows everyone's name and yells for everyone equally (something he is very aware of - equal and fair). It used to be that I was the only that yelled like crazy for all but now, some of the other parents have caught my fever and do the same. Tonight during one of D's more stellar moments, he got his foot into a tangle and cleared the ball, the parents next to me beat me to the punch yelling "Great job, D!" He turned and grinned at me and them! I just love this kid so much. All the wisdom, intelligence and compassion you can fit into one little 5'1 frame and a smile that will melt your heart. I am so blessed and feel I must have done something terribly right for God to have chosen me to have this special, wonderful, perfect young man.

Ok, proud Mommy moment over for today. hehehehe Stay tuned, I KNOW I will have more. ;o)

Wonderous Worry Worts

A friend posted her 100 wishes for her 100th blog post. I read these with great interest and even more interesting was her inclusion of "I wish I didn't worry so much" or some variation of that statement numerous times. This, of course, gave me pause.

I am a worrier - a chronic worrier, actually. D says the worst part is that I worry most of all about things I can't control. I also worry about things from the past that others have long, long forgotten. But, what if they haven't? What if they think about them everyday? What if my actions from the past are what makes up their current thoughts and feelings about me? (shiver) Ohhhh... that is rough.

To give you an idea, here is one of the things I worry about... when I was 12 some people we knew through pageants came down to ride in a Mardi Gras parade with me. We were living in some apartments at the time so my Mom rented the clubhouse on the complex grounds for them to sleep. Before they came, my Mom and I stocked the place with drinks, munchies, etc for their arrival. Well, the next night while they were there and we were just sitting around talking, I spotted a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the bar. Now, I knew Mom didn't get them when I was with her but I figured she had gotten them that morning when I wasn't with her. So, I opened the box and helped myself to one. No one said anything or even batted an eye. As a matter of fact, I think I ate 2. I am crazy about Krispy Kreme. Well, on the way back home, my Mom told me that THEY had bought the doughnuts for themselves to eat the next morning. She also pointed out that since I ate two, there would not be enough for them! She said that they were probably thinking how rude I was and that she was too shocked to say anything to me while I was doing it! I was crushed. No one told me NOT to eat them - my Mom didn't stop me while I was chowing down on them and the next morning I had the hardest time facing them for our goodbyes. Do you know that TO THIS DAY I worry that they remember that incident and wonder how I could be so stingy and unthoughtful? Now, I realize this is very irrational but it still bothers me.

We don't talk to these people anymore. We don't even live in the same town that they do but I still worry. If I saw them today would they look at my 200 pound frame and think 'Wow, she must have eaten WAY too many doughnuts!' Just typing it out makes me realize how silly it is to think this way but yet, I still do...

And NOW I am worried that all of you reading this will think I am crazy and will go back in your mind to one thing or another that I have done in the past to confirm your thoughts about this! Boy, I think I have lost it. LOL

Ok, now I am worried that I am nuts. Vicious cycle, baby, vicious... ROTFL

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The worst word I know...

"Step"... I am a stepchild but it was one word that was NEVER used in my house when I was growing up. My Mom met my Dad when I was 5. He has been my Dad since then. He is a wonderful man whom I love with all of my heart. My real Dad wasn't around much and while we did because close friends before he passed a few years back, he was never my 'Dad'... I have one of those and even if we don't share the same genes and blood, he is there for me. Always. I have never been treated any differently by him or his parents than my brother. We are both his children. Period.

When I met D he was so open to my older boys. He was great with them. His parents and his sister were crazy about them and all was well. As they have gotten older and as we came to have little D and now Miss T, things have taken a drastic change. I told my MIL a few months back that my oldest son had ask what they did to them to make them not like them any more. She was shocked when I told her that it seemed that they had been making a much bigger fuss about 'their' blood grandchildren than what have now been come to be known as "Tina's boys". Even D, now that they are teenagers, seems to act as if they are not there sometimes. It is really very heartbreaking not to mention difficult on me to watch. It is a sore subject in my house.

This weekend was the Princess' party. Friday evening my parents took all of the boys to the fair while D, Miss T and I went to eat with D's parents. The FIRST question MIL ask T (as if she could answer anyway) was 'Where is your brother D?' It really took all I had not to say that he was with her OTHER brothers. As usual, though, I refrained. Saturday morning we all went to little D's soccer game. After, we went to grab a burger before heading to my parents for the party. When everyone piled out of the car, SIL brings out a bag for little D and inside is a few trinkets, a wrapped present which had a new bible with his name on it, a few toys and a late birthday card from D's aunt. Can I tell you how upset I was?

When we got in the car (they were following in their car), I mentioned to D that once again, they are bringing gifts for THEIR grandchild and leaving mine out. At little D's party last month they brought gifts for the Princess along with birthday gifts for the bday boy but nothing for the older ones. He said he agreed and didn't think it was fair. He tried to say they weren't thinking but as we have had this conversation before, he knew it didn't hold water for me. After the party (which is a WHOLE other post in itself), D's parents mentioned us coming either before or after Christmas to exchange gifts. I listened in without much input on the gift topic. They left this morning and I took the opportunity to tell D that the ONLY was I was going was if the gifts were one to one (or close)... if they couldn't be even with their gifts then no one would get gifts at all! It wouldn't be so bad if it has been this way all along but my older boys remember when they were "liked" and favored and now they are nothing but the "steps".

In this case, they are getting walked on like "steps" and I won't stand for it anymore! I was lucky, I guess, I have NEVER been called a stepchild or a stepdaughter and for that, I love my Dad even more!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Santa's Worst Nightmare...

So, D went ahead and buzzed little D's hair tonight with the clippers and it looks MUCH better. I am happy and he looks presentable again and I am forgiven (by the little one at least) for my major messup.

Today in the mail we received the Toys R Us Big Toy Book. Now, I don't know about the rest of you but my brother and I used to sit with the Sears Wishbook all spread out on the floor and discuss all of the wonderful aspects of the *new* and *exciting* toys for the holiday season. I don't know if that book still exists but if it does, the Toys R Us book has nothing on it! Anyway, my older two aren't much interested in the same inspection of the mailbox goodie but the littlest one surely is...

Tonight I am sitting on the couching watching/listening to the tv while I stitch. Little D comes out to sit beside me bringing the colorful catalog and tells me he wants to tell me what he wants! I say, okay. He is pointing, I am "umm-hummm"ing and he is telling me stories about each thing he wants. This is from TV, we had this before but it broke so we need a new one, this one is really cool, etc. Finally he notices my lack of attention to his mission and questions me on my ability to remember everything he NEEDS. I suggest he get a pencil and mark his choices so that I can relay them to Santa. He goes to our school shelf and returns, perches on the end of the couch, legs crossed with the catalog spread on his lap - Spiderman pencil clasp firmly in his teeth as he turns each page. He inspects each item again, as if it is the first time. The commentary is much like before although he has now taken to telling me what the baby needs as well. Finally, the conversation changes as he closes the book and looks at me seriously...

"Mommy, will Santa bring me EVERYTHING I want?"
"No, sweetheart, he will just pick a few things. He has lots of kids to bring to, remember?"
"Yeah, that would be LOTS of stuff anyway, I don't have room for all of it." (chuckling)I shake my head in agreement.
"Hmmm... maybe I need to get a pen. He may get me the wrong things. That wouldn't be good. I would be really upset if I got the wrong things!"
"Well, if you get the wrong things maybe you would still like them!"
"No, I don't think so. If I got the wrong things I would be REALLY mad."
"OH, and do you think that is a good thing? I mean, what would you do, seeing that you would be mad and all?" (His little face ponders for a moment. His eyebrows furrow and he squints his big brown eyes and looks off. Suddenly, he has a thought...)
"Well, I would write him a letter! One letter for EVERYTHING that he gets me that is wrong!"
"He gets lots of letter, honey, what makes you think it would make any difference? Couldn't you just wait and tell him next year?" (HUGE sigh from him with his usual look of "Mom you are just not WITH it!")
"Well, MOMMY... it will be AFTER Christmas! He will be RESTING. He will be thinking his mail is gonna be bills. Oh, and vacation postcards." I stopped and looked at him.
"Vacation postcards?"
"Yeah, from the elves!" He shakes his head again - and I know he is thinking - crazy Mommy. Who ELSE would send him postcards... DUHHHHH...

So, here is MY thought process... why doesn't Santa get a vacation? Hmmm... perhaps his vacation is THEM being gone??? Wow, now that one to think on. I sure hope Santa brings him the right things or he will have tons of wrong gift letters mixed in with his bills and postcards. ROTFL

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The HAIR apparent...

Ok, I need to whine a bit... ~sigh~ Boy, I do LOTS of that, don't I? LOL

Hair is a BIG issue in my house. Right now mine needs to colored and I hear about it often. My thoughts are this - silver is worth big bucks, right? So I figure right now, my head is worth WAY more that normal. hehehe I know, I know it needs to be colored but I just haven't had time. I spend my whole day eating bon-bons, napping and cross-stitching so it has fallen down my list of priorities. (Tongue firmly inserted in cheek!) Since T's party is this weekend, I will, of course, do it before then. I mean, I have a one year old, I shouldn't look 36~ Oh, wait, I AM 36. Bawhahahahaha

Anyway, on to the other hair in my house. T's won't grow. I am half a mind (yes, you may comment, I opened the door) to email Johnson & Johnson and tell them that there would be BIG bucks in baby rogaine. I mean, COME ON, bald is beautiful but a few springs to put a pony in wouldn't hurt. Now, D started shaving his almost to the scalp several years back. He said it was because he worked in an unairconditioned hangar and it was too hot. I bought that but now he is in a full heated & ac'd hangar working but still every month he scalps himself and has me do any spots he misses. The process only takes a few moments. He is *used to it* now and prefers it that way - or so he says. I will let you in on a little secret though, a few years ago he was going to let it grow in because I mentioned that I liked it better a little longer. Welllll, when it started to grow in it was - ummmm, patchy. I ask him about it and the next day it was back to its former cranium hugging splendor. Of course, that is just MY thoughts on the matter but I bet if YOU ask, it would be the whole "used to it" speel.

During the summer I told the boys (who had always been in private school which had haircut standards) that they could let their hair grow. And BOY, did they let it grow. T's grew to a beautiful mass of dark curls which everyone adored but last month, after one too many comments on his new "do" he ask for it to be cut. When I took him he got it WHACKED off, back to the way he wore it in school and might I add, complained about all the time. Older D let his grow too but his is so much like mine, fine and straight, straight, straight so he looked like something out of the 60's but it was so cute on him and made him look older. Ragged, but older. He got his trimmed a little last month but it has already grown back. I personally like it. AND I can tell him I like it and he won't run off and get it cut off because I say it. LOL Now for little D, Daddy D wanted his to grow out - so we did. Now he has the same thin, fine hair that we both have but blonde. He looks like a rag a muffin to say the least. I have been begging them both to get it cut. When I took the older two last month I tried to get his cut but he said No and Daddy said No so I passed.

Fast forward to yesterday. D's parents are coming to town for T's party this weekend. He mentioned that he was going to get his Mom to cut D's bangs. That rubbed me wrong, I mean, I have cut it a million times so I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do it. Finally, he said, fine cut it then. Soooo, tonight I take one wiggly, jiggly, hair cut aversion kiddo to the bathroom (see where this is going) to trim his bangs.

Step one, wet his hair and comb it out. His bangs are almost to his top lip! The kid can't see! I mean, please. So, I cut them right to his eyebrows. WOW, there are those big, deep shiny brown eyes I love. Then I back up and take a look. Hmmmm... bangs across, gooddddd... then from the bangs, the next level down is under his chin??? Huh?? Well, THAT won't work. Soooo, I cut it over his ears. Kind of. Well, I try anyway. Wiggly, jiggly, "I don't want a haircut" causes a huge hair mistake. Hack, I think is the word. So, I do the best I can. KNOWING, it looks awful but little I can do short of whacking it all off. Grrrrr....

I dry it.. a little better but BOY, does it looks awful! Brace yourself, Tina. It will be OKAY. It is JUST hair. It will grow back. I send him to the livingroom and hear "WHAT IN THE WORLD!" I come out and explain what happened. Explained that you couldn't have bangs at your eyebrows and sideburns to your chin! My reasoning falls on deaf ears. He is ticked, little D is saying "I didn't WANT a haircut" and I guess I should have let MIL do it. ~sigh~ I offered to take him tomorrow and have it fixed but NO, that won't work. I think it will make for nice conversation while I am away from D and his parents setting up for T's party. I wish I could be a fly on that wall. It is kind of funny... I mean, I know they are running out of things to discuss while I am out of the room, and this should be good for the whole weekend.

I am thinking about putting him in his too short jeans with the hole in the knee that I just put in the trash can just to make SURE their is plenty food for thought. ROTFL I am kidding of course. I know it isn't like that - at least I hope anyway. Soooo, my hair apparent is apparently I CAN'T CUT HAIR. I ask Older D if wanted me to cut his bangs and he looked at me for a moment. I could see the terror in his eyes - or at least part of the terror since they are hanging IN his eyes at the moment. Finally he glances over at little D and smiles sweetly... "That's okay, Mommy, I think I will let it grow out some more..." Ahhhh... spoken like a true gentleman. And little D's question to me? "Mommy, why did you cut my hair horrible?"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Another one, Mommy..."

Yesterday was CRAZY, we had two soccer games which meant eating dinner at 4:30 and leaving the house by 5:15 - we don't get home until almost 9pm. As usual, getting my youngest to do the work his kindergarten teacher sends home is a battle. Every week they do the same things over and over. Last night it was writing 1-20 one time. He knows how to do it, he has done it a million times. But yesterday and partly I think because Daddy was here, he fought me. First he wrote them all backwards, then when I told him to redo them, he tried to write over the ones he knew were wrong which created a big mess. He ended up in tears. Then, D stepped in, and told him THAT was why he is in school and not at home (which isn't 100% true). I got a little miffed when he ask him did he want to be at home with Mommy and his brothers. Of course, crying and mad at me, he said no, he didn't. D took that opportunity to say "Good, you will stay at XXX Elementary!" I came unglued telling him it wasn't a decision for an upset 6 year old to be making and that he needed to think before he said things like that... he got upset and told me not to ask ask for his help. Me, being me, of course pointed out that I didn't. Oppps... so, he didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.

Fast forward to today. D didn't go to work because he wasn't feeling well and I kept the little one home because I thought he could use a break after yesterday's meltdown. Well, he was the one that woke me up telling me he would be late to school. I told him he wasn't going to school today and he told me "No, Mommy, I will be late for YOUR school!" LOL I pulled out some worksheets and he got started. By this time, D had gotten up. After the worksheets were done, he came back 5 times to ask "another one, Mommy?" I could see by the 4th time that D was paying close attention to the exchanges. He ended up doing 8 workbook pages and 3 coloring sheets - more than he does in several days of school. After lunch we went to the library to get some books for our study of King Arthur on TruthQuest. I got one that was K-2 level with lots of pictures and when we got back, I ask if he wanted to read with us. Of course, seeing book with the pretty stanied glass window pictures he said YES! LOL Today we read that book and of course, tomorrow I will do the more age appropriate books with the older two. The older boys just took him to the playground and as they left I heard the little one say that he wanted to be Arthur and pull out that sword. :)

I did mention to D while we were eating lunch that what he saw last night ONLY happens when he gets home from school but that when he is with me, as he could see, he begs for more and does about 3 times as much work as I plan on him doing. I am hoping that he could see my point. I personally would like to bring him home now but I promised D he would stay and graduate kindergarten. I just wish I didn't hate getting up in the morning to take him to school. hehehe This morning it was nippy but I am sure it had no effect whatsoever on my decision not to take him to school... (are you buying that?)

Stitchywise I am 1/2 way done with "Here I Am" by SamSarah. I would like to finish it and have it framed before my baby girl's party this weekend so I can present it to my cousin for her little boy that was born last month. I usually don't work well under deadlines, especially when I try to be creative and convert colors as I go but so far so good. I will post a picture when I am done - IF it looks good. If it doesn't I am sure one of two things will "happen"... either I will forgot to take a picture before I wrap it OR the camera battery will be dead and I won't have any replacements. My excuses need some work so if anyone has any I can borrow, just let me know.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Name change...

Today we visited the church nearby again. The nursery greeted my daughter by name again and she went wilingly, which is a miracle. When I went to pick her up, they told me that they had changed her name. I smiled and the lady said "Her name is now TabaJaba". Apparently, she spent the whole time saying "Bay Be, Bay Be, Bay Be" which is a word she picked up this week. She also "sugared that baby in the mirror ALL up". Those of you who aren't from the south may not be familiar with 'sugar' - which can only mean all of those sweet sloppy, sugary kisses babys give. LOL So, now my jabbery sweetheart has a new name.

On another note, I have mentioned before that I know the pastor, went to school with him, as a matter of fact. Well, I noticed that the program listed his wife's name and it happened to be the same first name as a girl on my cheerleading squad who he went out with a couple of times. I have been wondering if it was her. Surely, it couldn't be, I mean, they seemed an unlikely couple but then again, HE seemed an unlikely pastor. LOL Today after I dropped the baby off, we were walking to the service and I opened the door for a lady approaching who had a baby in a stroller. As soon as I opened the door, I looked her square in the eye and realized he married her - LOL! I didn't say anything to her but I had no doubt that we both knew the other and she would probably tell him so I wouldn't have to! hehehe When the service started he came around for the greet and shook my hand calling me by first name. Now running through my mind, this is what I figured - one of two things happened - either she is REALLY quick and got to him before we got in there... OR he knew my first name from the visitor card I filled out a few weeks ago.

Surely, you think, I wouldn't be SO arrogant that I would think he would remember MY card out of all of the visitor cards they get... right? Wellll... I would have thought that too BUT we did get a welcome letter from him this week AND on the card we had to list all of our family members and their names and ages. Looking around, I realized that I was the only new person sitting WAY in the back 'hiding out' with 3 boys! ROTFL Kinda hard to miss. While I would like to think it was my winning personality from highschool that made him know me (snort), I am just figuring he is not a dummy and actually READS the visitor cards. BAWHAHAHAHAHA But seriously, I figure if I see her next week, I will speak. I mean, I didn't really 'know' him but her, well, I spent one grueling summer and one difficult school year being with the same 11 girls ALL the time - so her, I know pretty well. We weren't friends then as a matter of fact she didn't like me at all but I noticed today that even the vibe she gave off was different from 17 years ago and while we weren't close then, maybe we will at least be better now than we were! All in all, I really like the place. His sermons are incredible, the nursery loves my baby and people who have seen us for the past few weeks have started greeting us and shaking our hands. It is nice to be noticed. I really think this might be the place for us!

I will close for now, another boring fact filled post about the excitement that is MY LIFE! ;o)

Friday, October 20, 2006

The best laid plans...

What a laughable concept - especially in MY house! LOL Yesterday my baby girl turned ONE YEAR OLD - I can't believe it. This little one that created such an uproar when she came into our lives is now something we all cannot live without. For that we are all very thankful! She had three shots yesterday and is weighing at 21 lbs 7 oz and a whopping 29 inches long - GOODNESS! I had every intention of taking the boys across the bay to a park day with our homeschool group this morning but of course, the little one woke with a fever so we are skipping it today.

On the stitching front, another plan shot all to bits!!! I have wish list over at the crazy place and one of my dear friends gifted me with a pattern I have been eyeing for a while. It is by Katidid Designs and while it is not my usually style, I just loved it when I saw it! Little did I know that when it landed in my mail box yesterday it would disrupt my whole "stitchy groove". I planned it to be a next year project but after looking it over, I was compelled to convert all of the over dyeds to Vicki Clayton silks and order them on the spot. I also pulled out a lovely piece of Enchanted Fabric's hand painted jobelan in Cafe Mocha to stitch it on ~sigh~. So, I guess I will be stalking my postman for those threads because when the arrive, I have no doubt I will drop all of the rest of my stitching to start it that very second. LOL

We have nothing on tap this weekend and I am so happy about that! Of course, I am also a little worried that perhaps I neglected to write something down. Surely I am forgetting SOMETHING since our calendar seldom lacks for a day that doesn't have something scribbled in between the little black lines. But, we have a HUGE weekend next weekend with my parents taking the boys to the fair, my inlaws coming into town, my youngest son having a soccer game in the am on Saturday, my baby having her party that afternoon and then the oldest boys going to a sleep over Saturday night. ~whew~ Makes me tired just THINKING about it!!! Maybe that is why our blocks are bare this weekend.

I am sure I will find a reason to write more later since I didn't yesterday. That and this entry seems a little lackluster coming me and my sparkling self so stay tuned. (Again with the laughing? What nice friends I have!!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Homeschooling Opinions...

are like... oh, never mind. But, everyone seems to have one!

One of the main things I don't seem to be able to get a grip on is why people are so worried about ME homeschooling. I mean, they aren't worried about the kids... it is ME they worry about!! For example, I just got off the phone with my Grandmother who told me that she worries that "I" will get burnt out and lose interest. I mean "They need to go to school so you can get a break sometimes!" Ok, I really find this interesting. I mean, heaven forbid that I actually LIKE spending time with my kids and RELISH in what we are learning together. Because I "have SO many kids" (4 is the new dozen, you know!), it is automatically assumed that spending as much time as possible with them will surely drive me slowly insane. Hmmm... maybe that is my problem - being WITH my kids is making me crazy! Whew, glad I figured that out without hundreds of dollars of worthless counseling.

It is so hard for people to wrap their minds around our decision. They are not in my house. They don't have a clue what goes on in a given day. They aren't here as I read Treasure Island aloud each day and then we discuss it. They do not have the pleasure of being ask a million times a day if we are are going to the library. No, being with my children is completely ridiculous! Whatever am I thinking? Even if I don't go crazy, surely I will warp them - surely, I will fail - surely, they will be less than stellar members of society and contribute little. I mean, come on! All of the best criminal justice shows are about homeschoolers, right?

Yesterday my youngest (who does attend public kindergarten at the moment) was home for break. Since he likes to do "Mommy school" when he is home, we did 6 worksheets together and the he read two books to me. When his Dad got home, he couldn't wait to read a book to him. Wow, sounds like I am warping him too! Working with him outside of public school??? SHAME ON ME! Boy, oh boy... when I bring him home next year to school with us, I will have ruined another one.

So, for now, I will get off of my soap box. I am off to research some discussion questions for Part II of Treasure Island, look into a Health program for the second half of the school year and then cozy up and read Beowulf with the kids. Yep, I am insane. But, I shall be driven nuts with a smile on my face and kids that actually ENJOY being home with me! Will wonders never cease.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's that time again!!!

Every few weeks or so I go into my 'withdrawal' mode. I have been told it is kind of like my 'leave me the h*@% alone' mode. I email and post pretty much as usual but I don't answer the phone. I don't really want to talk to anyone. People will call and I will see their name come up on the caller id and I freeze. I don't answer. They leave a message. I check it but I don't call back. Most people consider me a very social person but nahhhh... not at all. Who knows, I am weird like that! Of course, my anxiety is acting up again so that is probably part of it. That or I am just insane. Hmmm... maybe that is it! I like that story. hehehehe

Oh, I think we found a new church. We all went two Sundays ago and then this past Sunday just me and the kids went and so far we like it. Funny thing is this, I went to school with the pastor. And in school he was soooo far from being a pastor . It is amazing how God can work in ones life. Anyway... first time we went I didn't actually come face to face with him but this past time, I did. During the greet he came around and shook hands with me and the boys. I could see a slight flicker of recognition on his face. Now, mind you, it isn't like we hung out or were friends or even ran in the same circles but I did 'know' him. (Funny side note: I don't know where I first heard this term used but everytime I use it or hear it used I picture people tied to a maypole walking in circles... see, I told you I was insane). I am also guessing since I was a cheerleader I think he may remember my name if nothing else. BAHAHAHAHAHA But, I digress. After the service he was in the lobby and receiving people. I tried to get around him and he stopped me and shook my hand. He kept saying "Good to see you, good to have you..." and staring at me. D says I am mean for not putting the poor guy out of his misery but I mean, come on, there were people behind me!!! In some strange way, I think this may be the right church because of him.

Backstory here, if you are still reading my mindless dribble... I was well known in school but not popular. I didn't have a whole lot of friends and really have to admit that I didn't like highschool at all. It is a part of my life that I try to forgot most of the time. So somewhere in my warped mind I feel like this is a strange way of helping me come to terms with my better forgotten past and move on. That and he is one heck of a preacher. I have never, ever been to a service where I didn't feel as though I was being 'preached at' but he isn't like that at all!!! He gets you into what he is saying and he really keeps you on the edge of your seat and into what he is saying. He is incredible... So, for some strange reason I think this is where we belong. And the nursery people remembered the baby's name the second time! It was really nice. She is usually funny with people she doesn't know. She is a >>little<<> spoiled but was a dream for them.

Anyway, I will close for now. I am way past my allotted time for today and didn't use near the big, intelligent words I should have for this post. I hope I haven't lost anyone on this one. LOL I promise, I am usually funnier than this!

Anyone want to help me?

I consider myself a pretty smart person but I am really lost here. I want those listings down the side of MY blog that says the names of all of my friends blogs. I want to have pretty blinkies on the side. I want to have all of those really neat and cool things. I don't wanna be plain jane. If I am going to be in with the popular crowd, I need to LOOK the part - right?? So, if any of you, who are snickering behind my back at my general lack of all things 'blog' would like to help me, I would appreciate it. Just consider it your community service for the day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ok, ok... you got me!!!

So I have read and read with great interest on everyone else's blog. I even thought "Gee, I need one of those..." So, I got an homeschool blog because, well, we homeschool. I made a total of THREE posts to the stupid thing and quit.

Why start another? Well, because I figure with the likes of the folks I hang with, they are sure to bug me silly about updating.

This will be a place for me to talk about my stitching (don't get a whole lot of THAT done anymore), homeschooling (which takes up most of my time now) and life in general (yep, I have one regardless of outward appearances to the contrary). Now bear with me while I figure this silly thing out. I figure I will try my best to post a picture of the day and I will try my best not to ramble and complain too much. And I hereby promise that I will try to use all of the big words I possibly know just for Holly, Margaret and Velda because I am nothing if not a people pleaser.

You are now permitted to laugh hysterically.